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Metalplaques provide an attractive and permanent memento of any notable event or memorable occasion.
If it is your desire to own or to present someone with a personalised record of that very special moment, or need a Nameplate, Label or Notice, you have arrived at the right place! Our extensive range of decorative Metalplaques will enhance any Home, Office, Church or Public Building. Try our FREE Design Service now! Let us know what you would like on your plaque and we’ll design it for you.

Foilprint was established in 1975 and now produces unique specially-designed Metalplaques for customers all over the world.  To date, many hundreds of different designs have been manufactured for an impressive variety of purposes.  As an example, our plaques can now be seen in well over 400 churches in both the UK and overseas;  those Peal Boards previously used to commemorate memorable Peals have now often been replaced by our own more durable and decorative metal Peal Plaques.  These can contain detailed coloured photographs of the bands of ringers or church – an added bonus when compared to the more traditional wooden Peal Boards!

Originally formulated by the US Navy to resist the harsh conditions experienced at sea, Metalplaques are extremely tough in all weather conditions and are highly resistant to deterioration when used for exterior exposure or in corrosive conditions.

Our range of work has become so extensive that new uses are constantly being discovered. Superceding and improving upon previous methods of reproduction onto metal surfaces, such as etching, especially impressive is our ability to reproduce and print any photograph or design in the finest detail and as full colour reproductions.  However, at a less economic price, we can also produce the normal etched solid brass or metal plaques when required but with certain restrictions, such as the inability of these to reproduce the very fine detail of coloured photographs.

We have exhibited all over the UK and continue to impress business people and consumers alike with our highly skilled and professional craftwork and incredible value.

Where required we can reproduce our plaques cut to any shape (see the Robert Seymour plaque shown above).

Adding serial numbers to labels – no problem!  However, please note that this can only  be done before your labels are finalised and not after production is complete.

Our prices are as shown on the Order Form for standard A3, A4 and A5 sizes with other sizes/shapes available on  quotation.  There is a special Order Form for Bellringers.  Backing boards can be provided where needed for mounting the plaques for enhanced display.  For cutting to non-standard shapes and for quantities of other items, such as labels, we are happy to quote you on receipt of details.

Any problems? Need help with a design or filling in an order form?

Please email us if you wish to be kept informed of any future developments.

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